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Shoutcast to Twitter Auto Post

Our Twitter Auto Post service allows you to post all of your Radio Stations songs to Twitter. It is fully compatible with Shoutcast, both v1 and v2 (and many other streaming platforms).

What our service offers though, is much more than the average Twitter post services, with our Twitter Auto Post service, you can not only post all the songs your Shoutcast server is playing – at an interval that you decide via the control panel – we also offer all of these features:

  • User Control Panel to configure the service.

  • Customise up to 3 different posting messages.

  • Customised posting frequency (by time slots and days of week).

  • Add artist image or cover art with each post.

  • Add custom #Hastags to each post.

  • Tag the artist playing in each post.

  • Add ‘Buy this song’ links (Compatible with Amazon and Apple iTunes affiliate programmes).

  • Flood protection (avoid posting same song twice).

  • Filter out adverts/jingles.

  • Schedule up to 20 posts to trigger at intervals you set, ideal for announcing up and coming shows and presenters.

  • Schedule up to 5 RSS posts, ideal for weather, news and blog updates.

To see it live in action, check out this Twitter page

Find out more about this service here and to sign up visit this page.

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