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Song Recognition Service

We very pleased to be launching our new Song Recognition service which allows us to monitor your Radio Stations audio stream and be able to detect the artist and song titles even if there is no metadata present. The service is very much like the one offered by Shazam which detects the artist/song title from listening to your stream.

This service may be of interest for radio stations needing to provide reporting for the songs played on their stations, maybe for royalties, but is also useful in many other circumstances.

Our platform can monitor your audio stream on a permanent basis and can provide not only a monthly report of all the songs played on your station, but also real-time information on what song is being played. This info is available via our API in a .json format which includes:

  • Name of Song

  • Artist

  • Album

  • Label

  • Artist Image URL

  • Cover Art URL

  • Image thumbnail (optional)

  • Song Duration

This information can be pulled by your website (or any other application) via a call to our API to display the song being played on your station.

The information can also be put into a .csv file and emailed to you on a monthly basis for your reporting requirements.

This is ideal if you have live DJ sets, or remote DJ’s/presenters broadcasting live where there may be no song data present on the stream.

You can find out more information about this service on our website here.