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Richard Spinks – Early Riser

Richard Spinks – Early Riser

Hits too good to turn down and light conversation.

About Richard:

A radio in each room is how it all started; my own, the one in the lounge, a borrowed one, a spare one and so on…all tuned into the same station! So as I moved about music was there. The sound got louder as I moved nearer to the radio – bliss! I was ten years old, which was a while ago! Ouch!

My dad bought an amazing stereo system. It was BIG, in fact too big for the house! Most of my mates wanted to come round with their albums and play them loud. It really did kick! I played mine too!

Then the parties started – I took the stereo to every party going. Then it accompanied me to discos and clubs and then to bigger discos and events. I still listened to the radio though, everyday; it was always on in the house or car.

Decided it was time to move on and so I set off to Norway to work as a DJ in the clubs and hotels, touring round that beautiful country. Then it was on to Denmark, France Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Soon I felt it was time to move on again. One day the phone rang and my agent asked if I would like to go to New York on the QE2 and work onboard as DJ. “YOU BET!” From then on, I never looked back and continued working on various cruise Ships for the next fifteen years. I spent nine months based in the Caribbean and then moved onto P&O Lines, which took me all over the world. I can say, that as Radio Presenter doing daily programmes on the ships’ radio service, I have fronted programmes on all of the oceans of the world and on every continent. There were always exciting and amazing views out of my studio window – New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Honolulu, Osaka, Singapore, Hong Kong, Auckland, Cape Town, Rio and Fiji, plus all the ports in the Med. I even ended up in Iceland and a thousand miles up the Amazon in Manaus! Wow, what a journey of discovery! There was always plenty to talk about on the programme after a day in a wonderful port, and the famous guests were plentiful. I travelled with the stars and interviewed many of them on my radio show too!

In 1998, I joined Peak FM in Chesterfield in Derbyshire fronting the Late Night Love Songs Show. I did this for ten years along with hosting and working on most of their outside broadcasts and events. What great days!

And so to present day… doing my radio show on Power FM, my voice-over work, local DJ work and so my journey continues! What keeps me here? My two kids and love of the Derbyshire Hills, Enjoy!

The Questions!
First Job : Stacking packets of sugar in Tesco
Worst Job : Tidying up after stacking sugar in Tesco
Ideal Job : Cruising the world as a DJ on Cruise Ships
Favourite quote : Handcuffed to a Ghost
Favourite Movie : Any of the Peter O’Toole films – think of one now…see !
Favourite Person : My two kids
Calories or carrots : Carrots preferably uncooked and uncut
Sun, Sea or Sand : Sea Sea Sea
My best feature : Hair, still have all of it
First record I ever bought : Thunderbirds E.P. – Cost 7/11(nearly 40p) ! – Bargain – Still have it…



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Richard Spinks – Early Riser