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Mikey’s World

Mike Hurley
Mikey’s World is a music / chat show suitable for day or night programming.

The music spans 70’s to today with a lean towards the smoother end of the spectrum.

Coming from a musician background the presenter, Mike Hurley, is keen to champion lesser known acts and features at least 1 on every show.
This has the well know advantage of increasing listeners, as the acts & their followers always tune in for the show.

The chat angle consists of a humorous look at the week’s lighter news & celeb gossip ( think Piers Morgan meets Clive James etc).

The format comes out at 2 X 57 min segments to allow for your ad’s & idents etc.

The content is recorded to the highest technical standards using an all digital studio.

This show is already proving a hit with the stations that are playing it & this an opportunity to be in at the early stages of it’s expansion.

Take a listen to the attached clip & many examples of previous show podcasts on www.mikehurley.biz

Listen to a demo of the show:

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