Weekend Programmes

Radio Syndication


The Simon Wilson Show

With a Passion for new music Simon brings you Brand new music each week, from the artists you love to the ones you will. Growing up on a healthy (or unhealthy in some cases) diet of Phil Collins, blame his mum and Black Sabbath from his dad. Simon has a[…]

The Old Skool Sunday Radio Show

Deans, DJ career started in the late 70s influenced by local DJs Dave Palin & Martin John(JFM) , by 1980 Dean was a regular on the working man’s club scene & local bars playing upfront Disco & Soul music. By 1982 influenced by the late Steve Walsh / Tony Blackburn[…]

Missing in Action

Have you ever wished there was a show that played those great songs they don’t play on the radio anymore? Well now there is. Join James Murphy as he plays those songs that have gone ‘Missing In Action’ elsewhere. Each week, he play’s songs, and you’ll be saying, “I’ve not[…]

Mike Hurley

Mikey’s World

Mikey’s World is a music / chat show suitable for day or night programming. The music spans 70’s to today with a lean towards the smoother end of the spectrum. Coming from a musician background the presenter, Mike Hurley, is keen to champion lesser known acts and features at least[…]