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powerfm2013The Power FM Radio brand has been established for over 15 years and we can now offer you your very own ‘Radio Station in a box’ using our Brand.

This solution is ideal if you would like to setup a radio station but do not have the time/expertise/finance to find presenters, branding, websites, scheduling, etc…

What do you get?

– 24/7 presenter schedule.
– Your own *.powerfmradio.com website
– Your own Internet feeds for people to listen online.
– Access to upload your own adverts.
– Hardware and software.
– Power FM Radio branding and materials.
– Access to voiceovers, production and technical support.

How does it work?

We offer two different services, Hit Music Network which is a sustaining service for radio stations to use to fill empty schedules and Power FM Radio which offers clients a complete ‘Radio Station in a box’ solution.

When you sign up you get your own yourstation.powerfmradio.com website which you can customise as you wish. We give you your own access to upload/modify/delete your adverts, we’ll provide you with all the software/hardware you need to play the feed to your own transmitter network or Internet feed.

Power FM Radio uses Hit Music Network and replaces all branding as Power FM Radio.

We offer a 24/7 presenter driven music based content with MOR music content 24 hours a day. Each hour there are 5 advert blocks where you can place your own adverts as you please.

Press play below to hear Power FM Radio in action right now.

To listen to a LIVE demo of Power FM Radio, just click the ‘Play’ button on the player below.

– You get the expertise of our presenter, production, scheduling and technical team to offer a quality product.
– 24/7 presenter driven content, redundant delivery systems, monitoring services, access to our voiceover pool of talent, our production team, our scheduling team…
– You get an account manager with a real name and a real telephone number with any enquiries and technical difficulties.
– Access to upload your own content to your website.
– Access to upload your own adverts.

Click here to view a list of options and pricing to get your very own ‘Radio Station in a Box’ using our Power FM Radio brand in your area.