Music Expert Retro Countdown

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Music Expert Retro Countdown

Show name
Music Expert Retro Countdown

Type of show

Duration of show
3 hours (60’s version) 4 Hours (70’s & Specials version)

Additional Details
This series has three types of show. One will air each week.

1- Specials! Some are one week top 40’s or 50’s… Others are two part Top 100 countdowns. It could be on a specific artist, a specific chart or theme.

2- 1960’s Top 40’s. (3 HOURS) Done similar to AT40, I will countdown the entire top 40, tell stories and have extra features. Like the B-Side Spotlight and the Extended Flashback an additional 10 years.
Mainly I will do shows focusing on 1964-1969, but sometimes I will do a 4 hour special with each hour dedicated to a year 1960-1963 and each will feature the top ten from that week.

3- 1970’s Top 40’s (4 HOURS) I will mainly pick weeks that were not done by AT40. January 1970- June 1970 as well as dates they did specials.

The show is available to stations anywhere in the world for a small per week fee.


  1. Jay - 24/07/2015 08:08

    More info on what I need to do to get this show

  2. Graham - 16/09/2015 21:34

    Hi i would like more details of your show my stations please. How long is it,What do call a small fee. My station is based in Huddersfield.

  3. lee travis - 22/01/2016 01:25

    hi. what is your small monthly/yearly fee.

  4. Daniel Broad - 24/02/2016 19:36

    I’m Dan Broad, I’m starting a new internet radio station in the UK called radio sulphur. I’m interested in having your show music expert retro countdown on my station.
    Is this ok? How much is the fee? Do I download the show or is it sent via drop box.??

    Looking forward to your reply

    Daniel Broad

  5. Matthew Perfect - 26/03/2016 03:05

    I’m interested. What’s the price

  6. Mark Ambrose - 13/05/2016 17:18

    HI I would be really interested in your 1960’s Top 40’s. Can you please let me know how much and how to download etc…….I am interested in putting it on, on a Sunday afternoon.

  7. Rich S - 28/01/2017 12:35

    Interested also, what’s the cost and how’s the delivery method?


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